Monday, May 7, 2012

In the last week...

Things have been so crazy around here lately!  I thought I'd do a recap of some of the happenings in the Green household!

  • Last Sunday the battery in Damon's truck died.
  • We go out Monday to do some shopping and pick up a car starts acting up.  Check engine light comes on.  :-(
  • Get Damons truck fixed..make appt for car..can't get in to be seen until today (monday).
  • Dad gets kidney stones thursday.  Him and Damon were on their way to go fishing when they had to turn around and come back.  Dad goes to ER..confirms it is indeed kidney stones.
  • Do some errands on Friday..what I hoped to get accomplished didn't happen..but thats ok.  :-)  Had a good time out anyways!  Got Makayla some pots and pans to go with her little play kitchen we got in Amish Country at a yard sale.  For 2 DOLLARS!  I kid you not!  Need to take pictures.
  • Tried having a yard sale saturday.  It POURED the rain all day..not a sucess unfortunately.  Maybe another day!
  • GREAT church service on sunday..I love our pastor and church family!!
  • Got the car fixed (today) and Praise God it wasn't anything major!!!  I am SO thankful!
Amidst all of this I have been making some of Makayla's things for her birthday!

Birthday tutu--check
Decorative owl plates--check (going to make more when I get supplies)
Birthday banner---halfway there..need to print picture and buy decorative felt (Side note..anyone know if they make decorative felt?  I think I saw some at Hobby Lobby....)
Birthday wreath--check (going to add more balloons when I find the time to sit down!)

We're getting there!  It has been one busy but productive week!!

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  1. when it rains it pours!! I swear, in my family any time one car messes up.. all of the other ones do too! Glad it wasn't anything major!


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