Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 Months, Baby!

My little Makayla bug turned 5 months old last monday!  Where does the time go??  She's at such a cute age right now..playing with her toes, rolling over, figuring out her hands, and absolutely LOVING dolls!!  She's a doll-baby lover for sure!  Here is her 5 month picture I snapped on her birthday!

What a big girl!  Her legs look really long in this picture, but believe me..they still seem pretty short!  She is growing like a weed though, and goes to the doctor tomorrow (boo) for a wellness checkup and shots (double boo).  Momma doesn't enjoy those trips!  Here are some things Miss Makayla is doing now:

Sleeping thru the night (from around 11pm-8 or 9am)..which has been going on since month 3
Playing with her feet
Rolling around alot
Eating baby food (she loves it all!)
Playing with dolls

She has also started fighting sleep when its naptime.  Anyone else go through this with their babies?  I'm hoping this is something she'll outgrow..and fast!!  Other than that..she is an excellent baby!  I honestly could have never asked for a better baby..she is such a blessing to me and Damon.  I've been telling people lately..the love you have for your spouse is so much different from the love you have for your child.  Its a whole other type of love.  When I was pregnant, I remember thinking, "How can I love someone the same as or more than I love my husband?".  My love for Damon is beyond words..and so is my love for Makayla.  Its hard to describe unless your a parent..then you know what I mean!  Anyways..what I'm trying to say is I love my family soooo much!!!!  I feel like the most blessed woman on earth sometimes. 



  1. Happy belated 5 month birthday Miss Makayla!

    Can't believe how big you are now sweetpea! You are soooo cute!

    You're a good mommy melanie : )

  2. She is so sweet, Melanie! I think babies always go through rough sleeping patches occasionally, but I bet it will get better - just give it a few weeks!


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