Friday, November 4, 2011

Great Finds!

So we were out and about yesterday in Charleston for Makayla's dr wellness visit.  All went well I'm glad to report and my little girl is so brave..she didn't cry much at all with the 2 shots she had to get!  She's growing well and thriving, such a blessing.  :-) 

Before we got to her dr appointment, I stopped by a Kids Sale that was going on and wow..did I find some great deals!  The same place had a sale a few months back when Makayla was real little and I found a few good items even though I didn't catch it then until the last day.  Yesterday was the first day of the sale (it goes on for 3 days) and I was there 30 minutes after they there were alot of good things to see!!  I spent a total of around $55 and this is what I came back with:
  • Two Christmas fleece sleepers
  • One fancy black velvet coat
  • One cordouroy Christmas dress
  • Two fancy Christmas dresses
  • One red plaid Christmas dress/coat/hat combo
  • One pink toy pony that plays music
I thought I did extremely well considering the price of a new Christmas dress for a baby is quite high!!  In case your wondering..I did take some pictures!  Here are the goods....

And I forgot to mention..I also got her a pop-up book that she LOVES!  Note to self..must find more of those!  We're probably headed back that way I'll probably stop back by to see what kind of leftovers they have.  They mark things down by about 50% off at some point during the last its a really good time to find some amazing deals!

Happy weekend to everyone--and happy shopping if your out and about!



  1. Great finds! You should link up on our monthly savings from a couple days ago. :)

  2. Thats AWESOME girl! Those little outfits are absolutely adorable!!! :-)

  3. Sounds like you got alot of great stuff!


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