Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

No..not me!  Today is Damons birthday!!  I am so thankful to God each day for my amazing husband.  He treats me like a queen (even when I don't deserve it), he's a wonderful daddy, a strong Christian, hard worker, and the most important thing..he's mine!   He's been through some extremely rough things in his life (both past and present) but he never lets it get the best of him.  He goes to God first and foremost, and thats something I truely admire.  He's so giving.  And loving.  And he cares so much about not only things that are important to him..but things that are important to me..big or small.  I hope today his birthday is one of the best he's ever had.  I know that this little girl is definately his biggest gift he's received this year!!

We love you daddy!



  1. This is such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    P.S. I love the Christmas makeover! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Damon! I hope you had a peaceful and wonderful day.

    Hey Girl,
    I'm so glad God brought you and Damon together. He is great guy and loves you and makayla so much! I'm glad that he my friend too. He may pick on me but in the end I know if I needed help that both you and he would be there for me. Love all of you girl!

    Oh by the way...really really love this Christmas makeover you did on your blog. Its really pretty!


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