Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Salvation Story

Salvation Stories

Today I'm sharing my story on how I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  What a wonderful time of the year to reflect on the biggest blessing of my life!  Its something I'm thankful for each and every day.  If you'd like to link up..head over to Callie's blog, Through Clouded Glass and join up....we would love to read your story!!

Ok..where do I start?  I was 15..a freshman in high school..when I came to know Jesus.  Prior to this...I was someone I'm not proud of.  I thank God that I'm not that person anymore!   It was in March, I remember, when alot of events occured that led me to accept Jesus into my heart.   To this day, its not things I like to recall, so I will spare you the details, but I was in a very broken place in my life at that time.  I wasn't happy with myself.  I wasn't happy with life.  And I feel like I was very close to walking down a road that wasn't meant for me.  I could actually feel that..that if I kept going at the rate I would have gotten to the point of me becoming a very hard person to reach (if that makes sense).  No..I wasn't into drugs or anything of that was more of my mindset and how I was perceiving everything that was getting me deeper and deeper into sin.

One weekend, my mom and I had some long discussions on faith, God, salvation, etc.   And my life.  That night, God reached down and touched my broken soul.  I cried with my mom, and she cried with me, in the middle of the night, and we prayed together.  I prayed for God to come into my save me..and help me change my life around.  By God's grace, I became a different woman that night.  I felt lighter by morning.  I felt different inside.  I went to church with my mom that next night, and I felt the same burden as I did the prior night.  I couldn't really figure out why..because I had already accepted Jesus into my heart..but I felt the need to go to the altar and pray once again.  So I did..I guess some call that a 'public confession of faith'...but regardless I knew I had to go and pray.  I literally sobbed the entire church service..God's grace was just all around me and I felt at such peace that the life that I was living was now in the past.  And I wouldn't be judged for it anymore.  It felt really good knowing that!!  So many things I was ashamed of..were now wiped away.  A clean slate.  Who could ask for more?!?

With God in my daily life is alot different to say the least.  In the beginning, it was alot harder.  Being in high school and a Christian wasn't something that was easy all the time.  Your faced with so many obstacles, constantly hearing foul-language, and many temptations to name a few.  But...I no longer wanted to be a part of who I used to be anymore, and that was my driving force I guess you might say.  As I went on to college, it was easier.  I made friends in college that were Christian (I thank God that He sent them my way because they were such a blessing to me!) so that made college much easier than high school you might say in that sense.  I felt more 'relatable' to my friends in college than I did in high school..because we shared something huge..the gift of Christ's salvation!   And the church that I had been going to since I came to know the Lord, is where He blessed me with another amazing gift.  That being Damon.  Yes..we met in church!!!  It was in 2000 (5-6 years after I accepted Jesus) when we met and started dating.  It was the one prayer I had been praying since the beginning that came to pass.  Damon was definately a blessing and answered prayer!!

Now that I've been a Christian for about 18 years, I can tell that I have grown alot.  I trust God more that ever.  When I read my bible, I really search scriptures and seek God's guidance to show me the things I need to see as well as what I'm looking for at that particular time.  In the past year alone, I probably prayed harder than I ever had before, as I was carrying my first child.  Makayla is another one of God's blessings that has come my way.  Being a mother is something I honestly didn't ever know if I would 'want' to be.  I never wanted children growing up.  I wasn't around kids very much at all and being an only can imagine.  But..I'm SO thankful that God put that desire in my heart almost 2 years ago (on Christmas, no less) to want to be a mother.  It gave me a totally different perspective on the story of Mary in the bible.  Now when I read of her..I can see it from a mother's point of view.  Sure, being a wife and mother has changed me alot.  But becoming a Christian has changed me the MOST.  And I'm thankful for that.  :-)



  1. This is just BEAUTIFUL Melanie!!! What an awesome story of God's redemption. Beautifully written too -I love when you said, "God reached down and touched my broken soul.". Wow. Thanks for sharing...I can see the fruit of your relationship with God by the way you encourage me -thank you for that!! :)

  2. I loved reading this story, Melanie, and I love how the Lord reached you right at that turning point in your life - what a wonderful story! Thank you for participating, and I'm so glad we are blog friends - you are such an encouragement to me. :-)

  3. What an awesome story! I am so happy to be back in blog world and catch up with sweet baby M! Cant believe how adorable she is!!

  4. What a blessing it is to know Jesus and His love. Your story is wonderful girl and I'm glad not only for all the blessings you have been given in your life but for the blessing of our friendship too.

    I know all to well what you are talking about when you say God reached down and touched your broken soul because I would not be here if He had not touched mine and delivered me of the things from my past as well. Praise God for His love, mercy and grace in our lives.


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