Monday, November 7, 2011

Black Friday..hmmmm

I have been an avid 'black friday' shopper for the past several years.  I LOVE going out and finding great deals..even if it means dealing with a swarm of crazy, bleary-eyed, turkey-stuffed, discount-driven people!!  This year though, I'm not sure what to do.

When you have a 5 month old soon to be 6 month old on the black friday frenzy day..what do you do?  I know what most would say..leave her with a sitter or family member.  Thing is..thats not me.  I've never left Makayla for more than 30 minutes with anyone.  Call me whatever you like..but she's my girl and when I brought her into this world..I intended on doing things with her..not dropping her off at a sitter's every chance I got.  No offense to anyone who uses a babysitter/daycare/family..this is just me. 

So back to the original question..what do I do??  Do I take her with me..into the crowd of 'madness' I for-go it all together..or do I try 'black monday'?  BTW..I know basically nothing about black monday..or cyber monday..whatever its called.  I'd LOVE some helpful info from anyone who's shopped online that day!!!! 

Look forward to hearing some of your valuble input!!


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