Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blessing Box

I think its a real blessing when we can reach out and help someone in need.  This week, I'm going to help out a dear friend/neighbor by taking her to a doctor's appointment in Beckley.  When we talked last week out in our yard..she told me she was having to see a dermatologist this week and how she wasn't familiar with the Beckley area.  She doesn't have a car to get around in..but takes the bus and different modes of transportation to get to where she needs to.  She does amazingly well and to me..its incredible how self-sufficient she is.  She's not elderly by any means..she's the same age as my mom.  In fact, they went to school together!  So after I looked online that night to determine where her doctor is located at..I pretty much figured I knew exactly where it was located at, since we visit the Beckley area alot.  I let her know friday night, and told her if she needed me..I'd be more than happy to take her over there.  I could kind of sense a bit of relief in her voice when I told her this..because I think she seriously wasn't sure how she'd make it over there.  Thats when I knew I'd done the right thing by making myself available to help her out.  Just like Natalie mentioned today in her blessing box post..we are called to be servants for our Saviour.  Its refreshing to help out someone in need..to see the joy in their eyes..to know that the small thing that your doing to help them out really means alot to them.  I'm so glad I can be a servant for my Lord and that He led me to do this one small simple act of kindness.  :-)

If you haven't done so already, head over to Natalie's blog today and link up to the Blessing Box and share your blessings! 



  1. Hey, found you through the blessing box link. What a neat way to care for someone. We all need it!

  2. You are such an awesome person :-)

  3. you are so sweet to do that for her!!! Have a blessed week!!


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