Saturday, October 23, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected--Week 3

Welcome my fellow bloggers to another installment of SSC!  I hope you've enjoyed the previous 2 editions.  In week 3, we'll be focusing on something I think is extremely important!  Seeking opportunities to put more love into the world.  One thing this old world definately needs, is more love, if you ask me!  Our world is filled with hate and bitterness, so much so that it sometimes can be hard to find love around anymore.  One definatly has to look very hard to see love in certain circumstances that goes on around us.  I won't go into detail about war, prejudice, crime, or anything of that nature.  You know as well as I do that finding love in situations like those is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Not saying that you can't..just sayin'....

Its our duty as Christians, to spread love, wherever we go.  After all, Christ is love.  We should exude love.  People shouldn't pass us on the streets wondering, is that person a Christian?  Our lives should exemplify love and our love for Christ.  I know..thats not always the easiest thing to do..especially when we're rushing to get home after a long day and get caught behind the world's slowest driver on the highway!   Sometimes though, I think we owe it to God to stop and think about how our actions perceive us.  Can we show love more in our everyday lives?  The answer, more often that not, is YES!  I did a post a while back on acts of kindness using post-it notes, of all things.  While I'll admit, I'm guilty of only doing it once since I wrote about it, its definately something that is more on my mind..and something I'm more aware of doing now.  Once you get into the habit of spreading some love becomes easier to do.  And the best thing?  Not only will the recepient's day be made, but your day will be made as well!  Its something that is very rewarding to the make another person happy.  To share the love. 

When you spread love in the world, it helps to make you loving AND loveable.  Bet you never thought about it making you loveable, did you?!  It didn't cross my mind either, but being a loving and caring individual makes you loveable.  Those around you will see you in a new light.  Which is why I mentioned earlier about others being able to see us as Christians.  Christians should naturally be seen as loveable people.  We are to be 'different' from the the bible says.  Definately the opposite of the worldly ways is kindness and a loving spirit.  Its something to think about....



  1. This reminds me of that hymn "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love". Good post!

  2. Great post. And thank you for the very sweet comment on my post! I really appreciate your kind words!


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