Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Finds!

I thought I'd share with you guys some great finds I got while on vacation awhile back!  If your anything like have LOTS of blankets and love to keep them in easy reach, especially this time of the year when the nights get cooler.  I came across the perfect basket while on vacation..its big enough to hold a couple blankets!  An amish woman was selling baskets by the roadside (something I love about A.C.)..and I had to have it!  Its perfect and made my old basket I was using for blankets look shameful!  Needless to got retired and will be used for something more appropriate for its size!
 (There are 2 very large blankets in it and as you can see..I have room for another!)

We also came back with something we'd both been wanting for-EVER and finally got around to getting one..and at a fantastic price as well!  A hickory rocking chair!  Its lovely and supports your back in just the right way!  Plus I just love the rustic it goes really well in our home!

Not so much a find..but something we had made especially for our home while on vacation a couple months ago was a new bar countertop!  We got it in the mail about 2 weeks from returning from vacation.  If your ever in A.C. and looking for something unique like this for your home..go to Keim Lumber in Charm, puts Lowe's and Home Depot to shame!  I stained it with a light stain and "poly-ed" to give a shine.  Its fabulous and sure beats the old, crooked, out-dated countertop we had before!  Now I just wish all my kitchen cabinets looked like this!


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  1. We do LOTS of our shopping in Ohio Amish Country! LOVE that place. Your floors look GORGEOUS, by the way. :)


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