Friday, October 1, 2010

October, already?

Is it just me or is it really hard to believe September is already gone and October is here?!  Not that I mind that..there are so many things I love about October!!  The leaves will be changing here in WV this month..we'll make our annual trip (Lord willing) to Babcock State Park to take some fall pics..the Pumpkin Festival in Milton is going on next weekend (yall dont KNOW how much I look forward to that!)..Bridge Day in Fayetteville will be held this month also (though I don't always get to attend..but do love permitting!)..and Halloween, of course!  Sometimes I think West Virginia was made for the fall season.  I know New England is known for its fall foliage also..and other parts of the country has their traditions and things they are known for during this time of the year..but I gotta pay homage to my home state!  I do love living in West Virginia, I couldn't imagine putting my roots down anyplace else honestly.  Its one of those things that just 'fits' know what I mean?  Sure, there are things that annoy me about living here.  Like how high speed internet is something I don't have because of where I live (its available by satellite..but I just can't afford $60-80 a month for that)..and there is also no cell phone service in my area (which I don't care..I'm one of those people who could literally care less about having a phone..but for most others its a nuisance). 

I am so proud to call myself a West Virginian though.  I'm proud to be a coal miner's wife (and daughter).  I'm proud to be a *gasp* hillbilly!  Yes..I am a hillbilly yall!!  I have the accent and everything!  Really bad one too after I've heard myself on tape a few times.  I'm proud to live in the 'boonies'..after all..someone has to..right?!  And I literally do live in the Boonies..Boone County to be exact!  Ha!  And you thought I was just making that up!  But anyways..I wanted to pose a question to my fellow bloggers out there.  What is it about your state that you love?  And what events are going on this time of the year that you just cannot miss out on?  I look forward to hearing your comments!!  Happy Friday (and October) yall!!

Windy Poplars


  1. I, too, am a proud West Virginian! :) Love my state and the people in it. We are just southern enough to be pros at hospitality and just northern enough to enjoy all four seasons as they were meant to be enjoyed. :) Fall is by far my favorite, too! And there is nothing like a West Virginia fall. God made this beautiful state especially to showcase all His artistic glory! :)

  2. I love living in the "four-seasons" area of my state (instead of the 9 months of summer part where I grew up), but I do miss the fields and the river near my hometown. Fall is my favorite season anywhere!

  3. Fall in WV is absolutely beautiful - I'm so sad I'm missing it this year!

  4. i love fall so much! and really want to visit the east coast in the fall someday!! i bet its gorgeous:)


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