Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blessing Box

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I'm definately blessed with a wonderful church family.  Damon and I have went to a few different churches since we've been married.  We started out with our 'home' church..the church we both grew up in...where we met..and were married.  But shortly after we were married, we just felt like it was time for us to move on as a married couple.  We attended another church for a few years, and after alot of mishaps there, and an overwhelming feeling that we REALLY needed to find another church, we left.  We attended a few different churches within a couple months of leaving church #2 before finding our current church where we now attend.  Those were some challenging weeks.  Its definately one thing to know when God is calling you to find a new church home..but to find the 'right fit' for a couple..is a totally other thing.  One church I would like..but Damon wouldn't.  And vise versa.  I was so discouraged during that short time..though it seemed like an eternity!  But..I knew God was leading us to better things..and we stuck it out and followed God..and our hearts.

Then around May of 2005, we found our church!  The first service we attended..we both knew we just belonged there.  The fit was right..and it was like God was definately smiling down upon us!!  I can't tell you how much I love my church family.  They are like my own family and I love everyone there dearly.  Truely..from the heart.  They mean the world to me.  And I know they feel the same way about me and Damon.  Thats what was lacking in the other churches we had attended before.  Though we loved the people we attended church with..the feelings weren't always mutual.  It wasn't just a 'feeling' I had..but things were actually said to me to verify my feelings. Sad.  Chrisitans are to love one another as Christ loves us.  God is love.  If we are to be Christ-like..how can we have and/or show bitterness towards anyone..especially a fellow brother or sister in Christ?! 

This past sunday was pastor's appreciation day and old-fashioned day combined.  It always makes for a FUN time!  I love our pastor and his family dearly..I know without a doubt in my mind if we needed them for something..anytime of day or night..they would be there for us..period.  No questions asked.  Thats how a pastor should be.  Reliable, God-fearing, loving, kindhearted.  And those we attend church with are the exact same way.  I love them ALL..and they are my family!!!  Here are a few pictures of our fun day!  And if any of y'all haven't heard of old-fashioned days..its something done here in the south (or WV anyways..lol) to where we kinda take a look back in time to the way people used to dress in the old days..we dress that way for a day for fun and have an old fashioned potluck dinner as well!  It makes for a great time!!  And fun pictures!!

(All the ladies..I'm in the back row..far right..blocked a bit by my dear friend, Lucy, who was standing in front of me!  She's like my 2nd mama!!)

(Miss Betty, Damons 2nd mama, telling the others 'like it is'!  Ha!!)

(Me and Damon..thanks to Lucy for this pic..I saved it from your facebook page gal!)

(Our pastor, Darrell, and his wonderful family!)

(Me with Velma..bless her heart she just turned 88 and is truely amazing!  My bonnet fell off, btw, so I had to tie it around my neck to hang onto it!)

(Me and Lucy..again..my 2nd mama!)

What are your blessings for today?
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  1. I'm so happy that you found a church where you feel comfortable and welcome. That is a major feat sometimes, sad as that may be.

  2. that is such a huge blessing!!! We love our church too and it's so important not just to go to church but to have a family at your church too! So happy for you guys!
    thanks for linking up!!!

  3. great blog...and good reminder to count our blessings


  4. Hi Mel, haven't been around for awhile since we've been on vacation. It's snowing here in NH right now! Thanks for linking up to TPoTP this week. It TRULY is a blessing to have a loving church family. I do like a lot of things about the church we've been attending for 8 years now, but I've never really felt connected like a family there. I long for that, and maybe it will come someday...or maybe God has something better - who knows? Looks like you had a fun "old fashioned day"!


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