Friday, October 8, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected

Happy Friday fellow bloggers!  Yes..its everyone's favorite time of the week..the weekend!  I've had this article saved for a little while now by my computer..and tonight it was just calling out to me.  If I get some good feedback..I may do a few more staying spiritually connected (SSC) posts on the subject since there is a listing of 10 in my article.  The one that stood out to me tonight was recognizing your mistakes.  WOW.  This is something I need to take to heart.  How hard it is for us to really recognize the things we do wrong in our day-to-day lives.  I know I fail the Lord each day and have to ask forgiveness.  I also ask for guidance to see my mistakes so I can possibly correct them in the future.  Just because it really is hard to see our own mistakes at times.  Sure..its easy to see what Jane and John Doe down the road are doing wrong.  Its obvious (but not to them!)..just as its the same way for us.  Am I making sense here?  Of course its not just about recognizing our mistakes..but also we have to be willing to be corrected.  I don't know about y'all..but I really hate it when someone tells me I'm wrong!  I'm a little bull-headed that way, I guess.  Its something I need to work on!  But..when God shows us a mistake we've made..we should be willing to correct ourselves.  After all..we want to be pleasing in all we say and do to the Father.  So after you've recognized your mistakes..and have the willingness to be corrected..this leaves us as being more responsible.  That makes sense.  Its a step of growth in our Christian lives when we know we've done something wrong and then go and correct ourselves.  It does make us a more responsible Christian in our daily walk.  I know I want to be more responsible and grow in the Lord!  Of course, it does take prayer and dedication on our parts.  Because after all, we all are human, and we all make mistakes.  Thank goodness God doesn't give up on us!

I hope you've enjoyed this little segment in SSC.  Please leave me some feedback on the subject..and if its a 'hit'..I'll continue with more..maybe each friday?  Hope everyone out there in bloggyland has a wonderful friday and a great weekend!!



  1. Aren't we all just a little 'bullheaded' that way? ;) It is human nature, I suppose. Learning this lesson on responsibility for our mistakes is hard enough to learn ourselves, but just wait until you try to teach it to your children. That's why it is so important to me to own up to mistakes and do so in a way that my kids can see that is obvious to my kids. God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He KNOWS we aren't. But he also knows our hearts. :)

  2. The third sentence in my first reply is extremely confusing. SORRY! I started to say it one way and changed it to another but didn't erase enough. But you get my drift. ;)

  3. We all fall short of glory sometimes, but it's the way we respond to our "trials" that builds our character. I've made my fair share of mistakes, but I've also learned from all of them too. I like this topic, so keep the blogs coming.

  4. I enjoyed reading your insight! So glad you shared your heart! This is so important to remember. I think sometimes it's the part of the act of grace that we forget. God loves us WAY too much to leave us where we are. He forgives us and expects us to change and mold and grow from our mistakes. I always try to help my students see that when they make mistakes...that it's okay, they deserve grace, and then the must learn from their mistake in order for it to be valuable. Happy weekend! I tagged you over at my place! Hope you can join in!

  5. I appreciated reading this! It's always a battle to be willing to be corrected for me - I have to remember that when others are correcting me about something, they're just trying to help me.


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