Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ever get a song stuck in your head?

I have this guy to thank....

Not that its a bad thing, mind you.  But don't you just hate it when you get a song stuck in your head and no matter what you try to can't get it out?  The song thats 'stuck' right now in mine is the #4 track on Kenny's newest album titled "You and Tequila" featuring Grace Potter.  And its not so much Kenny..but Grace's voice.  Wow..she's really talented and their voices blend so well together.  A possible duet trophy in the future?  I definately say yes!  If you haven't heard it yet..I highly recommend it.  Though be might get stuck in your head too!
(Kenny and Grace)

While we're talking music..what kind of music do you enjoy?  Being from music is definately in my blood.  I've liked it since I was a teenager basically.  Alot of the songs just speak to know what I mean?  I've had such wonderful opportunities to see many country music singers perform in the past 10 years too..and I never tire of going to concerts!  I guess seeing as how I never even attended one while in my teenage years (like alot of teens do) I guess I had alot of making up to do!  I've been priviledged to see some of the following wonderful country entertainers...Patty Loveless, Sara Evans, Dwight Yokum, Wynonna, Randy Travis, Josh Turner, Alison Kraus, Lady Antebellum, Gary Allan, Jamey Johnson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Marty Stuart, Bill Anderson, and a few others that I can't think of right now.  My all time favorite concert I went to had to of been when I saw Gary Allan last year at the State Fair of WV.  He is my favorite singer..a country 'bad boy' if you will!  Only problem with the concert was was a LOUD one! 

(Yeah..he's kinda awesome!)

I hope one day to be able to revisit the Grand Ole Opry.  We went back in 2005 (feels like its been a million years ago now) and had fantastic seats for a show.  It was definately the most memorable concert I had ever been to.  You could just feel the energy in the air..the history of the place.  It broke my heart to see the flooding that took place there this year in May..but so grateful that the Opry is now reopened and is better than ever!  Maybe sometime in the future..I'll get to see it again!

(Me in downtown Nashville)

(Damon outside the Grand Ole Opry)


  1. My taste in music changes with whatever is going on with me at the time, I believe. I love pretty much any kind of music, with the exception of anything TOO hardcore. (Really heavy metal, head-banging kind of stuff; no nasty rap for me either! If the voice is pleasing, I don't mind some of the more 'pop' style rap that doesn't refer to cop killing and such.) I love classical, Big Band, rock, collection is pretty varied! :)

    I, too, have been fortunate to get to see several acts live. Alan Jackson, Lone Star, Styx, Rascal Flatts, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band, WV's very own Brad Paisley (one of the BEST shows ever!), Garth Brooks, Sara Evans, and more. My mind is drawing a blank!

  2. Hey Mel- How are ya? Just wanted to let you know you WON my giveaway the Candy Corn Burlap Frame. Have a splendid day. Jen


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