Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Welcome to another monday full of miscellanies, yall!

We've had a spell of some rainy weather over the weekend (and for the next 3 days) here in WV.  I gotta say..I'm actually lovin' it!  We didn't see much rain over the summer months so its welcomed (by me..anyways!)

I'm super excited cause this weekend we're hoping to meet up with my step-daughter!  She just moved to Huntington last week and will be attending Marshall this spring.  Its great to have her closer to us so we can have more opportunities to see one another! 

AND..this weekend is also the Pumpkin Festival in Milton!  Just my favorite fall festival (or any festival for that matter!) of the year!!  I'm looking forward to eating some pumpkin ice cream..yumm!!

Does anyone out there have a tom-cat?  Our dear Thomas eats..and eats..and eats!  I don't know where the boy puts all the food..he's skinny as a twig!  Ravey is probably 3-4 times bigger than him and doesn't eat HALF the food he does!  Guess he runs it off from being outside!

In lieu of pumpkin season..I made a pumpkin roll over the weekend.  And if that wasn't good the same cookbook I found a recipe for (hold your breath ladies) a pumpkin streusel roll!  Imagine this..a cinnamon roll but with pumpkin in the bread part.  To die for?!  Its on my agenda!!!

Scary event over the weekend.  Our dog was barking around 2:30 am saturday night..I stepped onto the backporch to investigage and saw a car with its headlights on parked in front of the abandoned trailer next door.  Had to call 911..but unfortunately said car left before the cops could get here.  Scary..especially since I was home alone!  Thank goodness we have the right to bear arms is all I can say!

Am I alone..or does everyone other than me seem to be a total 'phone nut'?  Sure, I like to talk on the phone from time to time..but I'm also not a teenager anymore either.  Being on the phone for hours on end just isn't my hasn't been since I was 14.  When my ear starts to burn..thats my body trying to say 'ok..enough!!"!  But don't get me wrong..I do love a good-hearted convo!  :-)


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