Friday, October 15, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected--Week 2

Ok my dear readers!!  Since SSC (staying spiritually connected) was a hit last friday..I'm going to continue with the topic until I complete all 10!!  Thank you for your comments..and keep them coming!  Its an inspiration to hear how each topic is impacting you!

Today we're going to discuss probably the most obvious thing we all need to do in SSC..which is recognizing your creator.  It may sound simple..but how often do we really take the time to recognize our creator.. the creator of the universe?!  I know for myself, when I start off my prayers every day, I thank God for who He is and for this day that He's made.  In a way I guess that is recognizing Him.  But what should we really be doing to recognize Him in our daily lives?  After all..He is the one who is responsible for life itself (our life!), and He is bigger and more powerful than any "thing" or "one".  Thats alot to think about, huh?  It is hard to really to imagine sometimes, but our Lord really is that powerful and great.  And we really should recognize Him for that!  Isn't it great to know that there He is out there..and can have such awesome control over not only our lives and daily situations, but the whole world?  AND that after all the work He does (for each of us!), that He even takes the time to hear the prayers we pray?!  In recognizing our creator, this brings us to being humble.  When we really take the time to recognize God..not only for what He does for us..but just Him in general, it allows us to appreciate Him more, I believe.  Humble is defined as 'knowing one's own weaknesses and faults; not proud or bold; modest or meek'.  When we realize and recognize who our creator is..and that He is above us in so many does humble us.  It makes you realize your own weaknesses and faults (seeing as our creator is perfect)..and we can't have any proudness in us when we totally recognize this.  Its definately a good thing to recognize our creator..because that is really the beginning of a great relationship with Him!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this subject today!  So keep them coming, y'all!

On a side note..I've been saying all week long how Windy Poplars has been having a Fall Festival going on this week..and its still going on!  Lots of fun ideas for the fall season and plenty of prizes will be given if you've not went over this week yet, go now before the fun is over!!

Have a blessed day everyone!!

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  1. Hi Melanie:

    As you probably know, I love the outdoors and seeing the beauty of God's creation. I love sunrises, sunsets, animals, looking at the night sky...and I'm always looking for a photo or story opportunity in which I can share an aspect of God's character. I'm careful to tell people that I don't worship the creation, but the Creator.

    However while driving to work one morning a few weeks ago, I witness a beautiful sunrise. The clouds were such that the glowed with the morning light. As I wished for my camera, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and say, "Do you truly realize my greatness and majesty or are you just looking for another story idea?"

    Boy did that hit home. So yes, knowing the Creator, His character, and His majesty are important. If we don't know Him, how can we tell others about Him?

    Great post!

  2. Good post, Melanie! Thanks for the reminder.


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