Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gift and a Tip :-)

Going to the post office anymore, for me anyways, has been a really big dread.  Anyone who has anticipated doctor bills coming in at the worst times knows what I mean!!  But today..a silver lining!!  I received my fall friendship swap package in the mail from sweet Mrs. Lydon!!  I received a nice jar of some potpourri that smells of pumpkin and apple butter..yum!  Also a candlestick "ring" for decoration!  Thanks again Mrs. Lydon!  I'm glad we got to "swap" fall items with one another!  :-)  Here is a picture of the items I received...

Now..onto the tip!!  I was reading my current issue of Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) last night when I came across this amazing tip for moms!  If I was a mom, I would definately check this one out because it sounds like a fantastic idea!  Anyways..there is a website called that makes it easy for parents to trade gently used clothes for new ones from other people!  Basically your exchanging your clothes with someone else's!  You can search for the size you want, boys or girls clothes, and browse through the choices and pick your favorite box. get a whole BOX of clothes here!  To get clothes, you must offer clothes in exchange.  Just post your swap on the site, and when someone selects it you put on a free shipping label thats provided and schedule a pick-up.  There is no basic membership charge, but a $13 shipping fee for each box you order.  Still..$13 for a box of clothes doesn't sound bad to me!!  Plus your getting rid of things your kids have outgrown in the process!  To me..thats a win-win situation!  If anyone has tried this or checks it out..let me know!  Might be something good to try if we ever have a "Baby Green" in the future!  ;-)


  1. That's a REALLY cool idea! I may have to go check it out when I have a few minutes to spare. (Which probably won't be today...sick kid still. :( )

    Nice swap! :) I can almost smell that potpourri! Gotta love those fall scents.


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