Friday, September 3, 2010


Greetings humans!  Blaze here..and yes..I'm the only dog of the family.   Don't let my name confuse you..I am a GIRL!  Most people hear my name and assume I'm a boy..not so!  Daddy gave me my name many years ago when he first got me cause he said I could run like a 'blaze of fire'!!   And at my ripe old age of 15..I can still run with the best of them and then some!  Yup..even mama gets mad when sometimes my 'blazing' instincts kick in and I bolt from my dog lot when she comes to take me for an evening walk!  Hey I can't help it..I'm ready to GO! 

I'm really a one owner type dog.  Daddy got me when I was just a pup..and that was before mama ever came she says I don't like her much cause I don't respond to her the way I do my daddy.  I'm not sayin either way..but I DO love my daddy to pieces!  He's the best and we've been together for many years.  I used to go rabbit hunting back in the 'day' but haven't done that in a while.  They take me for a swim in the creek by the house alot in the summer..but I really don't enjoy that much..getting wet isn't my thing!!  My best dog friend, Lady, goes with us for dog walks alot.  She's great and I'm so glad that I have a doggie best friend!

Thats about it for me!  Hope your having a dog-gone good day!

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