Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its vacation time!

Good morning yall!  As some of you may have read by now..hubby and I were on our summer vacation all last week in beautiful Amish Country in Ohio!  We had a FANTASTIC time and it was hands down..the best vacation ever!  We've visited AC several times (this made our 5th year in a row actually)..but this year it just seemed like everything was perfect.  No storms (usually we encounter one really nasty one) for a change...which was nice!  We went on long afternoon walks by the cabin we stayed at out in the country, spent the night hours in the relaxing hot tub on the deck, star gazing.  I saw 2 shooting stars one night!  What a thrill!  During the day we shopped at all the local and out of the way stores..including stopping by several Amish homes and farms to check out the goods they were selling.  I bought a handmade rug from an old amish couple for only $13!!  We also visited with an older amish couple we met a few years back on one of our evening strolls.  We've become very good friends with them over the years..visiting them when we're in the area as well as snail mail.  We had a hot dog/marshmellow roast at their home on wednesday evening!  The following evening..we took them to Dundee to visit their son and family and to see his up and coming dairy that he is building from scratch.  The guys went to see if they could scout out a deer..I stayed behind in the large field and felt like I was on a know..the type of setting you only see in the movies?  Imagine a large wheat field with rolling hills and a beautiful sunset sky..I was right in the middle of it and couldn't have felt the peace of God more than I did in that short time!  I wish I had pictures of that..but of course the Amish don't like their pictures to be out of respect to them..I didn't bring my camera along.  Its a memory I'll treasure in my mind for many years to come I'm sure! So anyways..I guess yall would love to see some pictures by now..huh?  Here ya go..enjoy!!

(Enjoying an evening walk)

(Me with "Long-Tail" the cat!)

(In front of the cabin we stayed at)

(Our funny!)

(Biggest horse in Holmes County..notice how small Damon looks!)

I hope to share more with you later on in the week..don't want to bore you with a long list of pics in one post for the day!  Come back to see more..a few in the way of the beautiful scenery! 

PS ~ Bear with me as I try out a few fall-ish backgrounds as well and let me know what you think!



  1. Great new background! Really enjoyed the pics Mel. The cabin you stayed at looks so cute! That horse! My goodness! He's HUGE! Love the pic of your on the fence should frame that one :-) Happy Wednesday my friend...

  2. It looks like you had such a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures.



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