Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Blessing Box

If you haven't went over to Natalie's blog, Extraordinary Love, head over now and join everyone in sharing your blessings this tuesday!

Ok so right now..expressing my blessings has probably been the last thing on my mind this morning.  Why, you ask?  I've been dealing with our rotten insurance company on the phone this morning..basically begging asking why they won't pay things they are suppost to pay in the first place.  But anyways..I'm not gonna bore yall with all of that..this has been ongoing for some time now..I just wish I could see the end in sight!  That is one thing I am thankful for..that even though we sometimes go through really rough things in life..there is always a light at the end of that hardship.  I can say that I am thankful we DO have insurance..because while Damon was laid off last year from work..we didn't have any and couldn't afford it.  Anyone who has been through unemployment knows that every-cent-counts.  And then some.  I know, in God's time, that this insurance stuff I've been dealing with will come to an end..that it'll be taken care of one way or another. 

Another thing I am very blessed for today is that Damon is getting the opportunity to take an EMT class for miners (EMT-M).  Its a GREAT opportunity for him..something I've always wanted and hoped he could do since he's been in the mines.  It has a few benefits..one being that its a big plus on a resume and two..it sometimes helps in your rate of pay!!  Poor guy fell asleep reading his book last night.  Do keep him in your prayers with all of this..he has to pass a test by the end of this short course (not sure if its going to be this saturday or early next week when the testing will happen)..I know with God's help, alot of studying, and prayers, it will happen!!

What are some of your blessings your thankful for today?


  1. insurance definitely is a blessing! we used to have to pay out of pocket when we were first married and it was so expensive and covered nothing but you just have to be safe & have it. I hope everything gets worked out with them! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. HI MELANIE!!!! Im so excited for the swap...please email me your fall likes and dislikes!! And ill respond with the same!!

  3. Oh haha here is my email...kdelongpchef@gmail.com


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