Saturday, September 11, 2010

Target shopping and *gasp* a giveaway?!?!

Good afternoon and happy saturday fellow bloggers!!  Hope your weekend has started out good and gets even better!  Yesterday while shopping at Target..I came across some great fall finds.  I was in search of a nice smelling fall candle or two and happened across this candle set..Pumpkin Caramel!  Yumm..can't you just smell it?!  I also found a couple of cute tea light holders in a fall-ish if I can just locate my tea lights..I'll be set!  The total cost..around $11!  Not bad, eh?  Plus now the house smells incredible and looks more cozy! may have saw in the title I mentioned something about oh..a giveaway?  You read right guys!  I'm having my very first giveaway here at Country Roads!  I'm super excited and am looking forward to seeing how many entries are generated!  Up for grabs is a set of car jars from Yankee Candle of course, in halloween/fall scents!  The top one is a spicy pumpkin, which I have in my car right now and its fantastic!  The other is called "Captivating" and I'm sure is equally yummy in scent!  So all you have to do is leave a comment in today's post and your entered!  I'll leave this one open until 11:59pm Thursday of next week (the 16th) and the winner will be announced probably on next Friday's post!  Good luck to all and please do spread the word..the more entries that I get this time..the more likely I may have ANOTHER giveaway sooner (than later)!  Happy weekend to all!  :-)



  1. I LOVE your new fall themed blog! It looks adorable!
    Fall is my favorite time of year - I am so excited to burn my fall candles!

  2. The scents sound great!

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. Enter me, enter me! I'd love for my car to smell yummy. Here's my e-mail:

  4. Woohoo! A giveaway! Sign me up :-)

  5. Love giveaways! And your cute blog design! :)

  6. Pumpkin Caramel!? Definitely yummy enough to smell AND eat! : ) And my car would definitely benefit from a car jar.


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