Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MTFW--Miss Ravey


My name is Raven..or Ravey as most people calls me!  I'm a total mama's girl though I do love my daddy too..after all he is the one who gives me TREATS everyday!! 

I found my parents back in 2003 one November afternoon.  They were outside doing something very strange..putting lights all over their house!  They said something about Christmas decorations..I dunno..but I sure did like them!  I hung around for a couple days in the garage and they finally let me come inside to stay!  

My mama says I'm a pretty smart girl since I know a few words.  Treats, dry food, birdie, pray for daddy, brush, and grass are some words I know..they are all some of my favorite things!!  My hangout is usually in the big window in the living room.  I have the BEST views!  Mama put a birdie feeder right in the window so I can get a close up view of them!  Its SO FUN to smack the window when one lands!  I would love to go outside and play like some kitties do..but mama says I'm allergic to fleas..or 'yum yums' as we call them.  I do bite the hair off my tail and belly when I get a couple 'yum yums' I guess thats what allergic means!

Well now you know a little more about me..and don't forget..I am the princess of the house!!  See you again soon!




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