Thursday, September 2, 2010



Hey all you people out there!  This is Thomas the cat here and I'm the newest addition to the household!  Last year, I found my new 'daddy' one day when he was out by the creek doing some fishing.  I came up behind him..introduced myself with a nice 'meow!' and decided to head on home with him since he seemed like a nice guy!  Thats when I met my new mama and she's pretty cool too..but I'm definately a daddy's boy!   Daddy and mama had just moved into the neighborhood and my old 'peoples' I used to live with lived just a couple houses I figured they wouldnt mind if I took up a new residence.  Of course..they didnt and told mama and daddy they could keep me and I couldnt be more happier!!

As you may have noticed..I'm missing one eye.  Now, now..don't feel sorry for me!  I get along just fine with my one eyeball..sure I might run into stuff a time or two..but who doesn't?!  What happened you might ask?  Well there was some mean people who lived around here and I got shot at a few years happened to me and the neighborhood dog, Lady, as well.  But we're both doing great and I see Lady pretty much everyday too! 

I stay outside most of the time and love it!  I have the whole yard to myself and can do as I please..I even visit the neighbors sometimes too!   They all seem to like me and I love the attention they give to I pretty much have it made!  Oh did I mention..daddy sometimes gives me a bath?  Its pretty cool too..I just sit there and he washes my fur..and mama dries me..sometimes with this big loud thing they call a hairdryer!  They tell me I'm one crazy cat for liking baths!

Overall I'm one laid back cat who loves pretty much anyone who gives me the time of day!  A nice face scratch (and some FOOD!) and this boy is a happy camper!  But..I'll always be daddy's boy!
Ta-ta for now!


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  1. I hope you have more cats because I love meeting them!


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