Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blessing Box

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I'm very thankful for my health.  Though I may not be the 'healthiest' person in the world..I can't complain either!  I see so many who have health problems..both young and old..its a great blessing to say I'm not one of them.  :-)

I think everyone can relate to this one..but FRIENDS!  I'm so thankful for the friendships I have..both on and off of blogger.  I've made some great friends on blogger since I started back in May and its a major blessing to me!  I never knew the support I would get during some trying times in my life (as well as exciting points as well!).  I also have wonderful, strong friendships with those not on blogger that I wouldn't trade for anything!  People I've known for years on end and we're just as close today as we were several years ago!

My hubby, of course.  I can't do a post like this without mentioning my love, Damon.  He is my rock, my best friend, my love.  I'm so glad we have each other to walk through life together.  Nobody knows just how much he means to me..simply because I just can't put it into words!

My furbabies!  Not a day doesn't go by that I'm not thankful for them.  They bring such happiness into each day..I couldn't imagine my life without them and their antics!

Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.  Truely, He is the one who stands beside of me each second of each day.  I'm contantly leaning on Him and His understanding and literally I could not live my life without Him in it.  I don't know why anyone would want to live in this ugly world without a Saviour like Him.  His gift is free..all we have to do is accept it.  :-)

What are your blessings your thankful for today?


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