Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Is it my imagination..or does it actually feel like fall out today?!?!?  After the 90 degree heat of last week..this is truely what I've been waiting for!!!! 


Since we are having a nice cool day..I thought it would be the "perfect" time to wear some new lounge pants I picked up at Aeropostale over the weekend!  LOVE that store (its become my newest fav though I can't fit into the teeny tiny shirt they have..the lounge pants, etc are up my alley!) and have also come to like Rue 21..not so much for me (though I have found a few items in there the past couple times for myself) but for my MAN!  Wow..what sexy clothes for a guy!  Me likeys!!

(Necklace I got at Rue 21 recently..please excuse the un-ironed white shirt!)

Had a wonderful sunday homecoming at our church!!  Along with special singing and preaching we had a potluck dinner afterwards!  Gotta say..never seen so much good food in all my life!  Just wish Damon could have went kept him from attending.  :-(

Just got back from yet another trip to H&R Block..ugh!  If the government wants to give people a first time homeowners credit..why do they have to make it so stinkin' hard?  *Hopefully* it'll all get straightened out this time and we'll get some moo-lah!

On the menu today (in lieu of fall) is Pasta with Pumpkin and Sweet Sausage!  Sound crazy?  To some..yeah probably..but I'm tellin ya..don't knock it till you try it!  Its fabulous!

Not sure if I should do this or not..but I feel the good Lord is leading me here goes.  My dear friend Kristin did the same for me a couple months ago when I was going thru the same thing, and now unfortunately a new friend of mine is experiencing the same thing I did.  Head over and give Mrs. Lydon some words of encouragement..she could really use some uplifting (and prayers) right now. 



  1. We're so glad for the cooler temps and beautiful season change here, too! Ahhhhhhh, thank you, Lord! Our last 90° temp was just 3 days ago... and now, upper 60s, woot!

    Visited your friend's blog and left some love. Poor thing... God will be with her. ♥

    Visiting from Miscellany Monday. :)

  2. Lovin' these temps! :) Didn't even mind the fact that it was mostly gray and overcast today since it also brought a little rain our way. We've been so dry!
    Our church homecoming is coming up soon. Glad yours was nice but and sorry your hubs couldn't be there, too.
    Hope you have a great week! :)


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