Friday, September 10, 2010

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

(Don't you miss that silly commercial?)

So this chick spent her thursday canning mustard of all things!  I never knew it was possible to can mustard until just recently.  It was rather easy and of the ingredients is yellow mustard from the store!  You might say..well why not just go out and buy that instead of making mustard..with mustard?  Sounds silly to some I guess, but I really enjoy spending the time in the kitchen making things like that!  Call me crazy!  What prompted me to try this out in the first place was, while in Amish Country last week, Damon found some fantastic hot pepper mustard at the Walnut Creek Cheese store.  When I checked out the label and could actually read every ingredient (thats how you know something is good!) I figured..hey..I bet there is a recipe for this stuff somewhere amongst all my amish cookbooks!  I was right! And since the only thing we had left in our garden was peppers..and a huge bounty of hot ones at that..I figured I'd give it a shot!  I actually had so many hot peppers I made 2 batches..and I have enough homemade mustard to last 10 years (14 pints to be exact!)..but it was alot of fun!  The first batch I did as the recipe stated..the second one I had a little fun with.  I thought it would be great to add a big sweet onion, finely chopped, to the mixture..and I actually liked THAT batch the best!  It was the right combo of sweet and hot..which is my favorite combination when it comes to any sauce!!  Yum-o!  While I was at it..I figured I'd go ahead and can some of my pepper sauce also..we use it as a compliment to fried potatoes (yup..I'm a southern girl)..and its a sweet sauce with lots of peppers.  I used regular mild banana peppers as well as hot ones to kick it up a notch (did you just hear Emeril?).  Didn't taste it but I'm sure its great!  Here is a picture of whats on my kitchen countertop hard work for the day!


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