Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its Fall Yall!


Today Cait at The Blessed Life is having a fall link-up!  Head on over and join in..and lets all talk about our favorite season..fall!

Yesterday I did a post on some of my fall decor that I've put out this year.  I hope you'll hop on over and take a look-see!  I love this time of the year..not just because of the fall decorating..but so many other things!  I love that the temps start to fall and we can enjoy the cool weather again (I LOVE colder temps..not a hot weather gal at all!)..I enjoy the fall foliage..the comfort of soup graces my dinner table as soon as the first inkling of fall weather arrives, and the best photo ops come at this time of the year!  Each year me and Damon head up to Babcock State Park here in WV (its one of the most photographed places in our home state) to take lots of fall pictures.  Nothing beats the crisp air and fall leaves at Babcock!  So many others are there doing the same thing we are..whether its amateurs (like us) or professionals.  We all have the same common theme..try to get the best shot possible!!  But, in my opinion, you can't take a bad picture there!  God's beauty is everywhere to be seen.  :-)  Some of my favorite pictures taken from there in the past years...

To celebrate the season that is finally here..I'm gonna go bake some pumpkin bread!!!  Now if only the weather would cooperate (its suppost to be 95 degrees today)!!  Here's to praying for some fall weather!



  1. How beautiful and fall-like!
    My link today is over at

  2. LOVE the pics! Lovely couple. :)
    And I, too, love fall most of all! It's my very favorite time of year. :)

  3. Hello! Love your fall decor! Lookin' cute and cozy over there.- Babcock St. Park is our calender picture for this month, and I think of you every time I glance at it :-)

  4. LOVE your pictures! And you look so pretty in them! Great shots. I'm sure WV is gorgeous this time of the looks like you all have a lot more color than we do here in KY. We traveled through WV this summer when we went to DC...such a pretty state! Yes, we are also having 90 degree weather...this week the forecast is for 70s and 80s...we're getting there! ;) Thanks for joining in the party! Hope you've had a blessed weekend!


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