Monday, June 23, 2014


Sometimes in life, you run across someone who is a lot like you in a lot of ways.  You share the same beliefs, you enjoy doing the same things for fun. 

You just 'click'.  Or maybe you could say your 'like-minded'. 

I feel that way each time I talk to or am lucky enough to be around my sister-in-law.  And one of those days was yesterday!!  I was blessed to get to spend a few precious hours chatting with her and attending one of our Sunday morning church services followed by one of our legendary church dinners.

You know, the kind with fabulous, home cooked, southern food?

Oh yeah.

I can't say how blessed I felt (and still feel) to get to share thoughts with her, to get to know our families histories, and most importantly, to share our faith. 

Love ya Kathy, and can't wait till we get to do it again!!


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