Monday, June 9, 2014

On sleep...

Sleep.  Its a great thing when you get to get a normal amount every night.  Until something (or someone, in my case) disrupts it.

Let me explain.

Makayla.  Yup, you guessed it, my 3 year old has been the source of my sleep problems as of late.  It all started about 3 weeks or so ago when, to my surprise, she figured out how to get into bed with me!  I woke up, bleary eyed, one morning to find her snuggled up to me. 

It was sweet.

I loved having her close and the fact that she wanted to snuggle with her mommy made my heart melt.  But then it started happening every single night.  And once I wake and find her in bed with me, I can't get back to sleep until I get up and take her back to her own bed. 

Here is how my sleep schedule has been going:  go to bed around 2am (Yes, that late.  When you have a husband that works a schedule like mine does, you stay up just so you can have some conversation with them!), wake up with Makayla in bed with me anywhere from 4-6am, take her back to her room probably an hour after she gets in bed with me, go back to sleep, hope that Ravey (the cat) doesn't wake me up to get fed now that she has seen me get up once (it happens), sleep until 10 (if Makayla doesn't get in bed with me again, which she did last night!).

Thing is, I have no idea why she is getting out of bed all of the sudden!  I am trying something tonight (her humidifier, which she used to sleep with it going last year every night) and am hoping that works.  I have wondered if maybe she is needing a regular sized bed (she sleeps in her crib that's converted to a toddler bed and has been for quite a while with no problems), if she is hot/cold, a noise is waking her up, bad dreams, etc.  I didn't want to have a co-sleeper on my hands but this one seems to be out of my control! 

Any thoughts/insights/tips?  I'd much appreciate it!!


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