Monday, January 19, 2015

A few craft projects!

I'm so excited!  I picked up a few small, inexpensive items, at Hobby Lobby over the weekend to make some little cute craft items in the coming weeks!

You guys KNOW how much I love Hobby Lobby!

They have anything and everything and if you haven't been to one I suggest you find the closest one and go there.  Now!

If you have been to HL, then you know they have these awesome little craft booklets hanging virtually everywhere!  I found this one near the felt and saw a great idea for making a pouch for your Kindle (in my case, or it could be for an IPad, whatever you have basically!).  I saw the cute pink sparkly glitter fabric squares in the area where they sell felt and thought it would be perfect for my Kindle.  Craft project #1!

In the scrapbooking paper aisle, there were tons of Valentine's day papers to choose from.  Simple projects to do with Makayla (aka homemade Valentine's).  Craft project #2!

Then I picked up a bottle of black fine glitter.  My main purpose for this?  Damaged heels, as in my high heel church shoes.  I plan on using the glitter, some mod podge, and a clear coat to seal it all.  Look for before and after pictures in the near future.  Craft project #3!

And lastly, craft project #4!  A plain pink t-shirt and an Eiffel tower iron on.  Makayla is really into anything Eiffel tower right now, so this was a no brainer!  Cheap and easy!

Are you doing any Valentine's crafts?  Care to share, I would love to hear all about it!!

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  1. Oh, sounds fun! :) I'm hoping to do a handprint Valentine craft with Evie this year. :)


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