Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 month old (and 1 day)!

I can't believe my 'doodle bug' is 1 month old already!!  Its been a wonderful past month (with a few "I wanna pull my hair out moments, of course") with her and I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything in the world!!  She is definately more alert now than she was in her first couple weeks and since yesterday has been flashing more baby smiles at me.  Perhaps she's being close to smiling for real?  Moms out there..when did your babies start smiling (intentionally) at you?  Last night I tried out a size 1 diaper on her just to see how it would fit differently from a newborn size..and it worked out pretty good! My girl is growing so fast!  Even some of her newborn clothes, I can tell won't be fitting her much longer.  :-(  I'm glad she's growing though..just sad to think she'll be a big girl before I know it! 

Happy 1 month birthday Makayla!


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  1. Happy 1 month birthday, Makayla! :) What a sweetheart she is! Love that little grin.

    Eli turned 10 weeks old today and I can't believe how quickly it's going. He's growing so quickly and changing so much! He's laughing out loud and such a happy little guy.

    Enjoy every single moment with Makayla! It goes so quickly!


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