Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Have Survived....

We Have Survived.....

A couple of long outtings (I'm talking leave the house at 9-10am and not get home until 6-7pm)
A few church services
Transitioning sleeping places (from bassinet, to a nap in the crib, to sleeping in the pack and play)
Having pictures made
Our first month!

My little girl is 4 weeks old today (1 month)!!  So you other mommies out there..do you celebrate your little ones monthly birthdays according to weeks (4, 8, 12) or by the date they were born? Because even though today is the 21st..she was born on the 24th...so is she one month old today or the 24th?  Silly question I guess!  Anyways..another question to throw out there (while its on my mind)...any tips on dealing with crankiness?  Even though Makayla is still a really good baby..she tends to be a little cranky after we've been out on one of our outtings (understandable still though, I would be too if I was strapped in a car seat most of the day).  We've got an upcoming short vacation and I'm hoping that during the nights we'll be able to get some sleep and not be dealing with a fussy baby after being 'out and about' all day!!

Since I'm pressed for time..I'll leave you with a couple pictures (new ones)!!

(This one cracks me up..its like she's saying, "AHH!")




  1. Wyatt gets cranky after long outings too- a liitle normalcy usually fixes it though! You count their month birthdays by the day of the month so that when you reach one year it's on the right day! So she's four weeks today and one month on the 24Th! I had to be told how that works too. :-)

  2. Beautiful baby girl!

    I get cranky if I'm out running errands for too long also... LOL

  3. I do by the date, but that's just me. :)


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