Monday, September 26, 2011

2, 3 , and 4 Months Old!

I realized I haven't done any monthly posts of Makayla's birthdays since well..ever.  Bad blogger mommy!!  I actually started doing a 3 month one last month but never got around to posting I'm just going to add to what I had started along with some pictures so you guys can see how much my little girl has grown!

My baby girl turned 3 months old last week!!  So exciting yet so hard to believe!  I remember when several of the other 'blog babies' as I like to call them, were turning 3 months and I hadn't even had Makayla yet!  Time is FLYING by but I love each stage that comes with it.  :-))  She's just started 'ooo-ing' and 'aaahh-ing' alot the past couple days.  She laughs but with no sound (if that makes sense), smiles ALL the time, loves bath time (especially if Daddy gets to give her one), is growing like a weed (11 pounds 11 ounces at her last doctor appointment), loves her bouncy chair, swing, slobbering, and is sleeping fairly decent most nights (though last night was an exception..hello 4:30 am!).  I am so proud and thankful each and every day for the gift that God has given me and Damon in Makayla.  I couldn't imagine life without her now and love her to pieces!  She is my sunshine!!

Makayla is NOW 4 months old (she turned 4 months on saturday) and she is such a joy as usual!  She regularly sleeps through the night now (a solid 7-9 hours I'd say) which I'm loving.  She's just started wearing 3/6 month clothing but not exclusively (she can still wear 0/3 month depending on the style) and can even wear a few 6 month onesies.  She's a long girl!!!  She started trying some rice cereal in her bottle at 3 1/2 months and loves it..has done fabulous with it!  And just in the past couple days we've experimented with baby food.  She seemed ready to give food a try to me cause she'd grab at my food..slobber when watching me eat (but not slobbering prior to)..and just seemed VERY interested.  Your talking about a baby who'd rather watch the Food Network than cartoons on most days!  A future chef??  She still loves bath time..laughing (I got a belly laugh out of her last night..a first!)..smiling..playing with her hands..talking..and much more.  She's just a happy baby.  This makes me a happy momma.  :-)  I can't imagine my life without her and she is just such a part of me I can't explain how happy she makes me.  I'm so happy I'm a mommy!!

Without further are some monthly shots of Makayla!


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  1. Such a blessing to have a happy baby! She is getting so big! Wyatt slobbers all the time too - do you think she's teething? I used to think W was teething, but still no teeth poking through.


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