Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Random Post...

My mind lately seems to be scattered between so many things that has been going on.  Thus a "random post" is in order. 

I've been starting to get my fall decorations up since the weekend.  Its coming..slowly but surely.  I can't help but think that this time last year I had just found out I was pregnant and was taking an easy while getting up my fall decor.  Now I have my little girl here with me.  So unreal to think about. 

Anyways, my kitchen theme for the fall is "amish".  If you know me at all, you know how much me and my hubby LOVE amish country in Ohio and the amish in general.  We even have a couple of amish friends we visit each time we are in that area.  I came to find out last week, that the lady (her name is Mary) learned she has cancer.  I don't know what type she has or any other details other than she has cancer.  Its odd, because (we do anyways) we think of the Amish as very healthy people.  If you've ever seen amish people before, you know what I mean.  They stay very active, can their own produce, live frugally, are very God-oriented.  So to learn that Mary has cancer was quite a shock.  I guess it goes to show you that cancer is not a respector of persons.  I pray that Mary has a good outcome, one that brings her many more years with her many family members and friends.

Speaking of 'respector of persons'..aren't you glad that God loves us..just as we are?  No matter our skin color, age, height, weight, what language we speak, or anything else, He loves us.  I am so glad that despite my flaws, God still cares about me..even when I may feel alone in this big world.  I'm glad I can go to Him anytime.  Every time my daughter smiles at me, I'm reminded of His love.  Its purely genuine.

Back to fall decorating.  As I've been making my way through our house to get up my decorations, I've realized just how dirty my house is!!  AHH!  I normally do spring cleaning every year (and I'm talking washing down walls, the whole nine yards) and since I was 7 + months preggo this past spring, it didn't get done for good reason.  I am now seeing how dirty my house can get without it being done!  So..along with putting up my decor, I've been trying to do some light cleaning too.  Purging of some junk.  ALOT of junk. 

Which brings me to my next topic (I know..this post is crazy)...I admit it...I am a magazine-aholic.  Like bad.  REALLY bad.  I had 3 totes and 2 garbage balls full of magazines that I threw out last night. 

*Ducks my head in shame*

I was up so late last night doing the cleaning and reorganizing, when I got up this morning and fed Makayla..I got myself a bowl of cereal afterwards.  I poured chocolate milk in it by accident.

And back to bed I went.



  1. I'm a magazine-a-holic too. I never throw them out! It's ridiculous!
    And the Amish are so interesting to me! I just read a book that took place in Amish country and it was SO good!!! That is a great theme for fall decorations! :)

  2. I have a problem with collecting magazines too - I just have a hard time throwing them away!


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