Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Update on the Homefront...

I thought you guys might want to know what all has been going on around here lately with our family! 

  • Thomas is healing from his lawn mower accident really REALLY well.  Maybe a little too well!  He's been driving us completely NUTS the past couple of days (we were having to keep him inside due to the stitches) and just went totally bonkers last night (he came rip roaring through the house at top notch speed and about jumped right on top of Ravey making a bee-line to the couch).  Ravey was NOT happy.  :-/  Today we threw him outside for the day.  He did totally well and isn't bothering his stitches I think thats what we are going to have to do is just keep him outside until 'stitch removal day' comes on monday (unless it rains). 
  • Damon has still been busy job hunting.  In case you didn't know or are perhaps a new reader, my hubby has been unemployed since March of this year.  It has not been an easy time for us by any means, but God provides and has seen us through and will see us through until the end (when he gets a new job).  We want it to happen NOW..but of course thats human nature.  God has His own timing and we're trusting in Him as best as we know how.  However, I think looking ahead to Christmas in a couple of short months, I've never been more bummed.  I know..its not about the really isn't.  But sometimes its hard to be in a joyful mood and feel celebratory when your going through such a rough time in life.  If you don't have anyone else to pray for, pray for us. 
  • Our church started a choir a few months ago and I can't say how much I have enjoyed it!  When they first mentioned that they were going to start one up I was totally on board.  I truely enjoy singing even if I don't sound that great!  We have sang as a choir in church now probably 3 or 4 times and I just love, love, love it!
  • I have still been making alot of things homemade.  The two I'm totally hooked on for life though are fabric softner and laundry detergent.  I don't think I'll EVER go back!  Oh and using hydrogen peroxide for window cleaning is even better than vinegar water I've found!  Can't tell you the last time I bought a bottle of Windex (total waste of money)!
  • Makayla has reached a couple more milestones.  I try to steer clear of saying too much of what she is or isn't doing at the moment (I'll explain more in a bit)..I just don't want other moms to possibly feel badly that their kids should be doing things at the rate she is.  Don't get me wrong..I'm not saying she's a genius or anything (of course she's a perfect 10 in my book..but hey..she's my one and only kiddo!)..but I've read blogs where kids start talking at an early age or walking at a ridiculous age and I feel like I'm doing something wrong.  Am I the only one who does that?  Anywho..on October 1st she nursed for the last time!  I decided once she reached 1 year old (back in May) that I'd let her nurse for however long she wanted to.  I figured she'd push me away when she was done.  And that she did.  I was a little shocked..but not totally suprised either.  What suprised me even more was what happened the VERY SAME DAY.  She just took off walking!  Guess she decided she was going to become a big girl all in one day! 
  • Now..yes..Makayla was 16 months old before she started walking (though she'd been taking a few steps for a whole month prior)..but that was ok with me.  My peditrician told me at her last wellness visit (at 12 months) that they don't even look for them to start walking until at least 15 months old.  Anything before that is fine of course, but she just let me know that was the norm.  I know with experience from everything learn things at their own pace, in their own timing.  Just because a book says something doesn't mean your kid is going to do it exactly that way.  It doesn't mean they are going to do it in exactly the same time.  They might do it earlier..or later.  I had a run in with someone in the community (who shall remain nameless, but is the same person who said I looked like a 'fat cow' when I was pregnant..for anyone who remembers!) the other day and when I told them Makayla was walking..their reply was, "Well I was starting to wonder about her!".  Wonder what...thought myself..your NOT trying to say something is wrong with my child developmentally!  Let's just say my mama bear instincts inside were roaring..but the Christian in me prevailed and with God's help my mouth stayed shut!
  • Oh..and today we got our car paid off!!!!
That's about it for now..hope you've enjoyed catching up!



  1. I sure do hope you're able to avoid that rude person from now on. :( Sounds like she has no filter whatsoever and really needs a few lessons in manners!

    And YAY for Makayla! :) It's so much fun watching them grow and learn. <3

  2. Hey Melanie!! So good to read how you all are doing! :) Makayla is growing so much...she's a beauty! I'm so sorry first of all for the mean things that lady said...and truly hope God guarded your heart and mind. Too often I've found people say such hurtful things when they don't stop to think!! I also will be praying that your husband is able to find a job too...I can imagine that's been a super stressful time, and I'm amazed at how positive you've been. Congrats on getting the car paid off...huge accomplishment. :) And I TOTALLY agree with you about how it can feel to compare milestones...can be tough to avoid, but definitely not fruitful or encouraging! Hope you're having a great week!!


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