Thursday, October 4, 2012

The tale of our now "tail-less" cat much can change in 24 hours time!  I'll start with yesterday....

Makayla had an explosion in her I had to give her a bath mid-day.  As I was bathing her, Damon came in.  He had been out mowing the yard.  I had to tell him what happened..etc..then he said to me...

"Well..Thomas has done it again."

What did he do now?...was my reply.  Damon was mowing..and there was some tall grass that was growing through our fence from our neighbors side.  Thomas decided to make him a 'nest' in the overgrowth.  You know how cats are.  Anyways..hearing Damon approaching...Thomas didn't move..and Damon didn't, nor couldn't, see him. 

Yeah you know whats coming next wasn't pretty.

Thomas decided at the last minute he'd better bolt.  And that he did..with his tail getting cut by the mower.  When I saw him walking down our driveway after the hand went to my mouth and I said "".  Half of his tail was gone.  We dialed the numbers to the nearest vets offices.  One wasn't in and the other wouldn't take us..even though it was an emergency.  But..that was a blessing in disguise because I didn't care for them anyways..never have..never will.  So we got ahold of the vets I do like over in Beckley and they said to come IMMEDIATELY.

Praise God for those people.

We got loaded, Damon, Makayla, and Thomas (and did I mention it was naptime?!) and off to Beckley we went.  They took us straight in and had him ready to go into surgery within 15 minutes.

I went and picked him up today..he did amazing through the surgery and they had to remove what was left of his tail.  It was pretty mangled from what the dr told me yesterday evening.  Two of his teeth also fell out during surgery when they removed some hair that had been wrapped around them (I had told the dr this prior to surgery so they could take a look) and they didn't even charge me for it. 

Again..Praise God for those people! close out a less than pleasing post..Thomas is home, happy, and doing awesome.  He may not be the prettiest of cats (one eye, no tail, and now missing a couple teeth) but he's our boy..our 'tom-tom'..our Thomas. 

Our baby.



  1. so glad thomas is doing good once again. Talk about shocking and just abit scary for him and you all. He is a handsome boy even without his tail,two teeth and one eye.

    What a story for you to!


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