Monday, August 26, 2013

Life Happens...

I know..I know..I was suppost to be back from my little break I took a few weeks ago!  And believe you me..I had all intentions on being 'back'.

But then life happened around here.

Let me explain a little (while trying not to bore you to death in the process).  A couple weeks ago (the week I was going to be 'back') Damon's uncle that is in a nursing home started threatening suicide.  He wasn't serious about it..I personally think he was just looking at it as if he started complaining about where he was at..they'd let him go home.

Its sad.

We got several phone calls that week pertaining to the situation with him.  It was depressing to say the least.  He was fine and ok..but all that week..that went on.

Then Damon's mom started having problems with her heart.  She ended up having a heart attack..and is having a pacemaker put in this week.

With all of this going on..Damon got sick with a really bad cold and I got a UTI.  Understand, when I get a UTI, I feel like I'm loosing my mind.  Literally.  I get the shakes and am nervous, feeling like I'm going to die.

Yeah..real fun..right?

I went to the doctor and got some meds.  But then of course, since satan had been having a field day already with what all else had been going on..I started being tormented about taking medicine.  You know how it goes..side effects of medicine gets into your head..and next thing you know your feeling worse and worse.

Finally, with God's help, I got it out of my head and have been doing better since.  How people survive without God in their life, I'll never know.  I lean on Him in the good times, as well as the bad.

This past week had definately been the 'bad'. 

But its all just a part of happens..we just gotta roll with it and lean on God to get us through.


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  1. Oh, I'm sorry Melanie, that's alot on your plate! Praying for Damon's mom and uncle, and for you!


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