Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This and that

So I noticed it had been like a whole month since I'd uploaded any pictures!  Unreal!  Course thats how it is when you get busy, stuff goes on around you, and its summertime!  I thought I'd just do a little 'mish-mash'..this and that pictures if you will..from what all we've been up to and doing lately...

My little hippy!

DIY tote bag I made for my mom

Anniversary flowers :-)

12 years together!

Monkey robe!

Homemade biscuits..mmmmm

Pioneer Woman's flank steak pizza..MMMMM

And the newest addition to our 'crew'..Buddy!
~~A little side note on Buddy for anyone interested..he was Damon's uncle's dog (Raymond) who is now in a nursing home.  Damon couldn't bear to send him to the pound..so we made some phone calls and came up with a dog house for him and the next day (today) he went and got him and brought him here.  We still have some things to do to set him up a more permanent home (aka kennel/dog-run) but at least his life was saved!~~


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