Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So like most..we all had our 'favorites' when it came to gifts received this year (as well as given!).  Here is a rundown of our favorites!


Lane Bryant Boots..I can't tell y'all how much I'm in love with these!  Not just because I got them half off on the cyber Monday sale (hello!) but I've always wanted some tall boots.  You girls that aren't a size 4 know what I'm talking about.  Finding tall boots for someone with my curvy shape is next to impossible.  That's when I learned that Lane Bryant carried a nice assortment (and affordable!) line of tall boots made for us ladies with extra large calves.  And man..they fit like a glove and are comfy!

Favorite gift given by me..had to of been the leggings I ordered for my mom on Groopdealz.  I went out on a whim and thought she'd probably go crazy for some moose printed leggings.  My mom is super skinny (so leggings would work for her) plus my parents vacation in Maine a lot..hence the moose theme.  So when I came across these I HAD to get them for her..and gosh she loves them!


Mountain Men Season 1 on DVD...Damon just loves this show and when I found it on amazon I knew he'd go crazy for it!  And he has..he's watched it many times already!


Favorite gift given by Damon...probably the Hello Kitty Dream Light he got for Makayla..she loves it!  And he loves her!

(this is her opening it)
I would say Makayla's favorite gift was probably her Baby Sign Language DVD.  The kid STILL loves learning sign language!  What can I say..maybe that's going to be a part of her future career?!
Favorite gift given would have to be the coffee mug (and mouse pad) we had made for my parents with her pictures on them!
So that about wraps up our Christmas here..time to celebrate the New Year!



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