Friday, December 6, 2013


Sorry for totally abandoning my blog this week..the sick bug hit our neck of the woods!!

It all began with Makayla..on Damon's birthday no less.  Its really the first time she's ever been sick "sick" we were pretty concerned.  Took her to the doctor..she didn't need any antibiotics but did need to give her Motrin for the fever.  That was on a friday (the 22nd) sunday her fever had broke.  She got back to her old self a few days later (the week of Thanksgiving).

Then I caught it!!  She took a drink of my water saturday morning when she was still feeling bad and running a fever and I totally forgot and finished my water later that morning.


Thanksgiving I was ok..could feel it coming on.  Black Friday shopping went on without a hitch..though I was coughing quite a bit. 

However, not enough to keep me from getting my shopping on!

By Friday night it had definately hit me full force.  I went to the doctor on monday to get something to help with the cough because I had literally coughed so hard, so often, all day, and all night, that my ribs hurt and I was exhausted.  Guys..I hadn't been this sick in ages.  Thankfully, I'm now on the tail end of it, though I do still wake up from time to time at night in a coughing fit for about a minute.  Nothing compared to what I had endured for almost an entire week however!  And of course, now Damon has it.  :-(

To prove I'm still is a picture I took last night with me and my sweet little gal..ignore the crazy hair..after this picture I had only had one full nights sleep in a weeks time!!

Next week I'm planning on posting some pics of our house..all decked out for Christmas!  So stop by!


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  1. Aw at least you are still smiling! Hope you all feel better soon!


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