Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review for "One light still shines" by Marie Monville

I recently read "One Light Still Shines" by Marie Monville and was totally blown away!  First let me say, if you know me and my family very well, you know that we love the Amish culture and lifestyle and even have Amish friends.  So when the school shooting happened at Nickel Mines in Pennsylvania several years ago, we were watching the headlines along with the rest of the country.  When the rest of our country was shocked at how forgiving the Amish were towards the Roberts family (aka..the shooters family), we were not.  We know that the Amish are very forgiving in spirit and that God centers in every thing they do.  They are an example to live by.

But when I asked to review this book, I was a little hesistant on what I might read.  Marie (the wife of the shooter (Charlie) that fateful day) wrote this book and I feared I'd read maybe some terrible details that only she knew..dark secrets of her now deceased husband, or anything of the like. 

But what I ended up reading about was God's love and grace and it totally amazed me like nothing I've read before.

Marie accounts of that fateful day.  She also tells of the aftermath.  Not only the grief she experienced, but the hand of God in every single detail that followed.  How God was there with them and protected her family from the media, how He used family members to help them and uplift them, how God shined through the Amish in the many acts of love and kindness that was shown to her and her children even as they buried their own children, and even how God brought a new love in her life that she wasn't expecting.  This book had me crying and smiling and praising God all at the same time.  Our God is awesome..and her story..I'm telling you now..its a MUST read!  You won't be sorry at all that you took the time to read her incredible story.

I received a copy of this book through Booksneeze and these are my honest opinions and thoughts on this book.


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