Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thank You

Two simple words.  A world of meaning.  Also on the brink of extinction.

Have you noticed in the past several years, how sending something as simple as a thank you card has become 'old school'?  Recently (don't worry..I'm not referring to any of my blogger friends!!) there have been a couple of instances where I thought a thank you card would arrive in my mailbox (either my actual mailbox or via email) and it never did.

Was my gift not received?  Lost in the mail?  Did that person not appreciate it?  Or worse, did they hate it?

I've always tried my best to send a thank you card in the mail any time someone has sent me something.  Even better..tell them on the phone.  Or at the very least, tell them online. 

Its the proper thing to do.  Right?

Or are people in this day and age to oblivious to proper etiquette?

At any rate..its kinda sad.  At least to me it is.  Sometimes you can put a great deal of thought into a gift for someone, only to receive nothing in return.


But it won't keep me from giving in the future.  The Bible says, "Do not to others as they would do unto you"..even if they are unappreciative.  God appreciates what I do for others.  That's what matters most in the end.

Have you ever gave something to someone and not received any type of 'thank you' in return?  How did you handle it?


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  1. I think it goes along with common courtesy in our culture today it's counter intuitive to think about the other people everyone is all about themselves which always always gets to me this time of year and I find myself sitting in the car in tears after a particularly stressful grocery shopping experience, or a difficult drive filled with difficult drivers, or not receiving a simple thank you when I do go out of my way for someone. "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" always gives me hope! My favorite line is "God is not dead, nor doth He sleep, for wrong shall fail and right prevail" I always think of that song when my heart gets burdened by the rudeness of our society. :)


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