Tuesday, November 19, 2013

3 Projects in 1 Day!

So the other day I was feeling SUPER crafty and ended up making/finishing 3 different projects in 1 day!  Go me!

The first was a project I was finishing up for a friend.  I'll give you more details later on (wink, wink!) but the final product was 2 very stylish aprons!!

The next project..well..y'all are just gonna die when you hear about it!  For Christmas, we (as in Damon and I) are getting some new bedding.  I went with a red and gray theme after a LOT of deliberation.  I wanted the pillows to be what really sets everything off.  One particular bedding set I saw online (didn't purchase it..but its what inspired my red/gray theme) had this pillow that I just fell in love with.  A charcoal gray sweater pillow.  It was SO cozy and just made the bedding set.  Well..after searching online and in stores and the cheapest thing I found was $25..I decided there HAD to be a better way!  I wasn't spending more on one pillow than I did on our comforter (it was on sale!!).  So to pinterest I went..and came up with a great solution!  Buy a sweater and turn it into a pillow!  And it was SOOOO EASY!  All I did was turn the sweater inside out..sewed close the armholes and neckhole...then turned it right side out..slid in a pillow (that I already had..$$ saved there!)..and sewed the bottom closed!  The best part is I got the sweater for only $7
My last project on this very crafty day was a fitted sheet for Makayla's toddler bed.  I knew it was something that could be done..I just wasn't sure how.  So again..I headed off to pinterest where I found the perfect tutorial.  I'm one that can sew, sure, but when following a pattern I have a really hard time.  But this one was so simple even I was able to follow along easily!  And I tell you guys..had I known back when I first had Makayla what I know now..I would have never bought the first crib sheet for her.  I made this fleecy, soft fitted sheet for her for a little over $5.  I bought her a flannel sheet for her bed last year at toys r us (which was also the only place I could find flannel crib sheets) and spent around $15 for it.  The results were awesome..and Makayla loves her new sheet!
(ignore the stuffed kitty in the middle of the bed)
So there ya have it..3 projects in 1 day!  And in case I forgot to mention it..the last project (the sheet) I did while Makayla was awake..she was actually at the sewing machine with me..on my lap..helping as I sewed!



  1. You are AWESOME! I love your aprons - and that pillow! I can't wait to see it all together!!! :)

  2. You are a super crafty lady! I wish I had those skills! Seriously..you could sell your stuff!


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