Friday, September 12, 2014

Still here...

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately, again!  I promise everything is okay around here, we have just had a few things going on that has deterred me from blogging like I normally do.

One being my sporadic, or lack of, internet service.

About two weeks ago, we had a nice rain storm come through our area.  Nothing major or devastating, just a good old storm.  Ever since then, my phone's have been out.  And as in out, I mean they are totally out.  Ear piercing, LOUD crackling sound when you pick it up (or when someone calls).  I tried different phones and we connected to our outside box to make sure it wasn't the line going in the house.  It's not.  It's Frontier's line.  They said it would be two weeks before they could get out to look at it.  Monday is "the day"..I feel like I've been counting down to the 15th like forever.  Oh and did I mention, I don't have a cell phone?  Yeah, so when I say no phone, I truly mean it!  Not that I care a whole lot, I'm not much for a phone anyways, but when I need it, it would be good if it was there!

So with that, my internet has been touch and go because of the interference from the phone.  I did, however, get to Skype chat with my BFF a few days ago (even though I had to reconnect about 5 times during said chat), that was a first for me!  Loved it and am definitely a fan of Skype now!

Yesterday we rearranged our bedroom for the first time since moving here!  Love the new arrangement too!  I'll be sure to take some pictures with my "good" camera and do a photo dump one day when things gets back to normal.  We took the tv out of our bedroom completely and moved a tv (different, smaller one) into Makayla's bedroom.  She thinks she's so cool now with her own tv!  Ha!

It's all good.  Gives me a break from watching cartoons and Frozen!  

I plan on "glittering" a pair of shoes for Makayla for Halloween.  She's going to be Elsa, of course.

I'll do a follow up post on this for sure!

Oh, and I called my friend at the attorney general's office again today.  Still nothing from the "consignment lady" who still has my bassinet bit won't give it back and won't pay me for it.  Even though she kept saying she'd send the money to me.  What a crook.  I don't know how some people sleep at night.

At this rate, if the phone company doesn't show up on Monday, I'll have to give my friend at the attorney general a call about them too!

Ahh life!  It's good but can be frustrating too!  Thank goodness I have a relationship with Jesus to see me through!!

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