Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday to everyone!  I'm still hoping for some people to follow my blog (thanks Kristin for being my first and only so far!!) I'm just going to keep on writing until they come (like the movie..if you build it, they will!  Anyways..hope this weekend holds many blessings and fun events!  Not much going on around here unfortunately..hubby is working thru the weekend so he can be assured he will have next weekend off for Memorial weekend.  The big news?  My step-daughter, Beth, is coming in for a visit then!  We haven't seen her since she came in last it should be a fun time for everyone!  We had a great time last year and it was her first time seeing our new place..we've made a few changes since her last visit so it'll be nice to see what she thinks of it all!  I've slowly been planning a menu for her visit..she's requested good ol' fashioned chicken and I made sure to pick up the fixins' for that today on my trip to the grocery store.  Went it alone this time since hubby had worked (btw for anyone who doesnt know we are night-owls..he works the night shift so I'm usually doing my blogging/internet time when everyone else is and was having to sleep.  Its good to get out alone at times (though I did miss the company)..helps to clear the mind, etc.  I made a stop by the farmer's market and picked up yet a few more flowers..nothing special just some annuals like wave petunias to make my own hanging basket (great way to save a few bucks if you have leftover hanging baskets from years past..always save onto them!)..and a couple other flowers to add to different areas of the yard that weren't quite 100% complete. 

I found a delish looking recipe from the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" blog the other day and am trying it out tonight so we'll have a nice dessert for the weekend!  I couldn't contained one of my all time favorite candy bars, the toblerone bar!  Toblerone yummy does that sound?!  I can't wait to see how it turns out and will be sure to let everyone know!  Anyone tried out any new or unusual recipes lately?  I absolutely LOVE to try new things (so long as its nothing disgusting like that some of the things that Andrew Zimmer eats on tv!) and love new recipes!  Feel free to share any successful new recipes (or even the unfortunate dissappointing recipe you thought would be great but wasnt)! 


  1. Hi Melanie - you now have your second follower! I know it's discouraging at first, be people will come. I started getting followers by visiting, commenting, and participating in memes such as Spiritual Sundays and Word Filled Wednesday. Also keep in mind that people can follow anonymously and they won't show up under your followers list.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend - and enjoy your upcoming visit with your stepdaughter. It's hard to believe Memorial Day is almost here. Time flies.


  2. Thanks for becoming a follower Joan! I have been doing all of the above (visiting, commenting, participating) so I'm on the right track!

    Yes time does fly..especially this time of the year it seems! Before we all know it, we'll be talking about Labor Day weekend and the "unofficial" end of the summer!


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