Monday, May 17, 2010

Plant sale and the weekend...

Happy monday everyone!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend..I know I sure did!  Hubby and I attended a plant sale hosted by the "Master Gardeners" over at Coonskin Park in Charleston on saturday.  It was the first time I had ever heard of it before and had been anxious to attend for a good 2 weeks since reading about it in our sunday paper!  It was so fantastic!!  We got there right when they had opened and though there were alot of people there to take home some nice plants, trees, shrubs, etc..everyone was so polite and the Master Gardeners knew everything there was to know about everything for sale..they were a delight to talk to!  I came home with 4 great finds and only spent $18 which was pretty good I thought!  We came home with a purple butterfly bush, a very large and already blooming white peony, a pot that contained 3 orange daylillies, and a shade plant called "Siberian Bugloss" that has little blue flowers to bloom within the leaves!  I'm really excited to see how that one will look!  Was hoping to find some different varieties of roses..but oddly enough I saw no rose bushes there.  I currently have 5 rose bushes in our yard and I would love to have a white and also an orange rose to add to my current collection. After leaving the plant sale on saturday, I stopped by Target and picked up something I have always wanted for years, something so simple many may laugh, a set of string lights for my backporch!  They were on sale and I picked up a set that were basic and simple.  We hung them up when we got home that night and it makes such a lovely addition to our backporch!  Would love to hear about everyone elses weekends..any special "flower finds" you've come across..etc! 


  1. Beautiful Pic! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the plant sale, and for only $18, you got some great deals too!!! I've just been loading up on annuals and veggies lately - nothing spectacular. I'd love to get more peonies and of course hydrangeas! On my list for hyr. I'd like are: Blushing Bride, Little Lamb, Limelight, Penny Mac, and a variety of Japanese Hydrangea.- Here's to hopin'!

  2. I have been wanting some hydrangeas too Kristin..hard to find any at a reasonable price though! Was hoping to see some at the plant sale but to no avail..maybe I'll come across some in the near future!


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