Friday, May 14, 2010

I love Kristin's blog and now that I am starting one myself I can join her parties!

Windy Poplars

To get you inspired for warm weather living, our theme is "Summertime":

1. How do you most like to entertain during the summer (pool party, picnic, cookout, etc.)? - Or if your situation doesn't allow for entertaining right now, what do you look forward to being able to host?

During the summer months, I love to have picnics and cookouts as much as possible!  Now that we have our own place and a bigger yard..I'm sure we'll take advantage of it more often!  Since the weather has warmed up this month, I've been taking every opportunity to eat dinner outside on our little picnic table..sure beats being in the house since we were couped up during the long winter we had!

2. Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?

Well I do love my ice cream so that would have to be number 1 on my list!  Since zucchini comes into season in the summer..I love making zucchini brownies!  They definately arent as 'healthy' as they may sound but so decadent!

3.What is your best outdoor summer date idea?

Going to a fair/festival, trip to the farmers market, and/or spending any quality time together outdoors!

4. Share any outdoor decorating tips/ideas you have...

Well I am really wanting to get some of those cute little outdoor string lights (like you see @ Target) to hang up once we have our backporch completed!  And the more flowers you have, the better I think!

5. What will we find you wearing most in the summertime?

Though I'm not a huge fan of shorts..that is my main attire in the summer along with sleeveless tops and flip flops..I do love to put on a nice sundress for when we're venturing out to our weekly trip to the store as well and would like to find more so it could be something I'm able to throw on more often!


  1. Hi Mel! I love those cute little strings of lights for outdoors too. They really add character! Zucchini brownies sounds delish - you'll have to share that recipe here on your blog sometime before zucchini season is in full swing (pretty please) :-) Happy Monday!

  2. Yes Kristin..I should make a note of making an index of my favorite recipes for my blog (the brownies will be first!)! Thanks for posting!!!! Become a follower to my blog..hopefully more will follow!!


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