Monday, July 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


its been a long time since i've done a miscellany monday.  ive missed it!!!  here's to hoping i can get back on the 'mm' bandwagon!


me and makayla went to vacation bible school this morning.  so much fun!!!  she enjoyed herself so much she pooped on one of the church ladies..ha! 


its so hot here.  i can't wait for fall weather.  anyone with me?


i can't get enough of my baby girl.  she makes me smile when im sad and makes me happier when im already happy.  and she's so darn cute.  we keep buying clothes for her even though she has a closetful already.  anyone else have this problem?  little girls clothes are so hard to pass up!


i really want to get back into cooking like i used to did.  i know its different when you have a baby in the house..but i miss planning out meals and making nice things for my family.  hopefully i can find a bit of a routine so i can get back into it..its what makes!



  1. Hey Girl!

    LOL! Makayla pooped on a church that is a baby enjoying themselves to the fullest..hehe! Sounds like bible school is really going good and you and makayla are enjoying it.

    Its been hot here too and today its humid as well. Supposed to be hot all week too. Awww! buying her clothes...I remember buying abby little girl clothes and it is hard to! I've been seeing some things I want to pick up for Makayla myself..little girl clothes are sooo cute!

    You will get back to the things you like to do like cooking and a routine will fall into are you only now you are a mom and a wonderful mom you are girl!

    Love ya!

  2. Awwwww, her first Bible School! :) I'm sure you enjoyed it a bunch! And I'm also sure the church lady didn't mind being pooped on either! ;)
    You'll get your groove just takes time to adjust to having a little one around. Take it slowly, a step at a time, and it will all fall into place. :)


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