Monday, July 25, 2011

Time to get caught up on pictures...

I finally got around to uploading pictures from the last month I guess its been!  Some of you probably would like to see some pictures from our vacation last month in Amish I'm going to post them for todays post....

Makayla meeting "Big Ben" for the first time.

Makayla by the hot tub..of course she couldn't enjoy it this year

My favorite and Makayla going to eat breakfast at Der Dutchman!  I just love the flowers!

Damon saying "hi" to Big Ben

The beginning of our stressful evening..Makayla had a belly ache this particular evening..we took a short walk hoping she'd calm down.

The pretty pond behind our cabin..

The pond was too much excitement for her!

The look on my face pretty much tells how stressed I was!

Attempt at a family picture on the porch!

Better picture of Damon and Makayla w/Ben

Gorgeous scenery...everywhere you look in Amish Country you see sights like this one.

Attempting to calm down Miss Fussy!

Makayla at Der those flowers!!

Makayla and Big Ben..see you again soon!


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