Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kitchen Update!

So y'all remember when I was 'updating' our kitchen and gave it a nice paint job?  Well..up until today thats ALL that had been done unfortunately!  I still haven't even begun on the backsplash.  But, once I'm 100% over this cold I do believe I'll jump into it head first..because I'm getting real excited to see end results at this point in time!

Today, however, I managed to make a new valance with material I got at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.  I also made a coordinating towel to hang on the stove handle, laid out a new rug purchased at Target, and hung a new sign!  Wanna see?

I thought so!

The lighting made this really dark..but you can see the print better in the next pic!

Coordinating towel..first one I've ever made!

Nothing special..but it matches!

LOVE this sign..Hobby Lobby has the best stuff!



  1. Really, Really, Really!!! like it girl! Love the sign....when I come next time we'll have to go to hobby!

  2. It looks GREAT! You are so talented and MOTIVATED! Spread some of that motivation my way! ;)


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