Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still here!

Sorry for the lack of posts as of lately..but I am still here!  I've been battling a UTI (AGAIN!) for several days now with new medication that I'm praying works this time around.  I hadn't had one in years, but when one does crop up on me I have a hard time getting rid of them!  Prayers for me, PLEASE!

I did manage to do something pretty major in the past week despite feeling under the weather....

Makayla is now in a toddler transition bed!  I finally caught the conversion kit for her crib in stock online and ordered it asap.  I didn't really want to buy a whole new toddler bed when this one transitions (which is why I picked this crib in the we'd get the use out of it!) and so far its worked out well! She's not fell out of bed any and so far (fingers crossed) she still stays in bed until I go to get her. 

Plus as you can see from her smiling face, she's pretty happy about it all!

Now if I can only get going on the whole potty training thing......sign.

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